Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Real Estate, 3

The trees are leaving -- er, leafing -- and soon we'll be able to pretend once again that there aren't other people living close by who can see our lighted windows every bit as easily as we can see theirs. But the pretense is becoming thinner than usual this year.

In the last few days we got another "can I buy your house?" inquiry, from a different would-be buyer. This lends support to our suspicion that a developer wants to consolidate properties hereabouts for a housing subdivision. Under existing rules, a property the size of ours, of which so much is water, could only support four or five building lots, nowhere near enough to be profitable.

We don't know whether our neighbors with smaller places are also being approached, but it makes sense that a developer tries to get larger properties lined up first. I imagine we're being contacted because now it's getting down to the mid-sized pieces.

Wanting to be good neighbors, we should put the word out that we are being approached -- and that we expect to move away anyway when Mrs. McG retires -- so others can plan accordingly.

Even if we refused to sell for whatever plan this is, it's likely the population density close by here will go way up before much longer. And then no amount of summer greenery will support the pretense of privacy.

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