Saturday, March 26, 2016

It's True, I'm a Poseur

When I snuck in the back way and set up a new Twitter account, I called myself (after a couple of attempts that just didn't work for me) "Obey the Mustache." And for some reason it seemed that a default slogan of "The mustache abides" would be perfectly appropriate.

I knew of the line from The Big Lebowski that goes, "The Dude abides," and I know a lot of people on the internet who loved that film. I didn't know that the line is said in a scene featuring Jeff Bridges and Sam Elliott (whose image from Tombstone I cropped for my Twitter avatar because mustache).

I didn't know it because I've never seen the movie. I don't really know that it had ever sunk in for me that Elliott was even in it.

I have a knack for pretending familiarity with pop culture crap like that, thanks to who I hang out with, and the combination of the better-than-average memory God gave me and the somewhat more problematical one Google put online. But I guess if I'm going to use a motto that echoes that movie line, maybe I should go ahead and see the damn movie. (Thank God for Netflix.)

I'm thinking once the election mess has gotten less ripe I might change the Twitter handle to "The Mustache Abides," but right now I'm feeling too bossy to change it.

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