Wednesday, March 2, 2016

It's March Now, So My Background Image Is Green

The photograph serving as the background image this spring was taken by Mrs. McG in, I believe, 2005 (if not, then 2008 -- but I'm pretty sure it was '05) on a visit to central Wyoming. It is the north face of Lost Wells Butte, northwest of Riverton. It overlooks Missouri Valley, which as you can see is a productive agricultural area -- though I'm not sure what they grow, except possibly hay.

Given Wyoming's harsh winters and the importance of livestock to its economy, hay can be a good investment of land and irrigation.

The picture was actually taken in June, not March, but it looks springlike. I have a different background image I use for summer -- taken in close proximity of both time and place to this one, but looking very different. You'll see it in a few months.

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