Wednesday, March 23, 2016

How to Feel Old

My most intensive exposure to "Star Trek" -- the original series, that is -- was in syndicated reruns on afternoon TV while I was in elementary school. Considering that the series had been canceled by NBC when I was only seven, that's a quick turnaround by the standards of the era.

I remember hearing about what a phenomenon the show had become in syndication and how wonderful it would be if it ever resurfaced in some form or other. The animated series was a sop in some ways, but Filmation's production values simply couldn't do the stories justice.

Then came the success of 1977's Star Wars, and we finally got Star Trek: The Motion Picture in 1979. It seemed like a lifetime, but it was released only ten years after the series had ended.

From that first movie until Nemesis spanned 23 years -- it's been 14 years now since the latter was released. And now fans are awaiting the third installment in an alternate-timeline "reboot" movie franchise 50 years after the first episode aired.

That ten-year stretch when "Star Trek" existed only in fan conventions seemed a lot longer when I was in elementary and junior-high school.

(Inspired obliquely by this post at Local Malcontent.)

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