Saturday, March 5, 2016

How I Wish the Grinch Would Steal Summer

Here in subtropical west Georgia, fall and winter appeal to me most for lower temperature and humidity. During the summer it is often simply unbearable to go outside and do landowner-type chores.

And yet, in the winter when nothing is growing anyway, there aren't a whole lot of landowner-type chores to go outside and do.

Well, a week from tomorrow daylight-saving time kicks in again, and then about a week later it's the equinox and the days will be longer than the nights for the next six months.

And the grass will grow.

And the weeds will grow.

And the underbrush will grow.

And the tree limbs will grow.

And I will mow, and mow, and mow, and mow.

Oh, how I will mow.

I will mow, and a week later it won't even show.

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