Thursday, February 25, 2016


Did you know that this site was, until just a minute ago, part of the "deep web"?

Yes, even though it's hosted by Google.

You see, all it takes to be part of the "deep web" is to keep your site from being indexed by search engines. I just now changed that setting (though I'm still not allowing this site to be on Blogspot's public listing; I do still have some pride).

If you've been under the impression that "deep web" and "dark web" were the same thing, then either I was, until just now, as dangerous and evil as Silk Road -- or you need to reconsider your usage.

If you have a website that you've set to not be indexed on search engines, and didn't realize that it made you a denizen of the "deep web," congratulations. You are now officially cool.

If that's the sort of thing you like.

Anyway, now that Twitter is dead to me and so many others on the right, I expect to do more blogging than I had been doing, which means being more findable.

I'm hoping the onetime standard practice on BigBlogs of having the blogroll on the front page will be resurrected.

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