Friday, February 5, 2016

Not the Bathtub Kind

Pruning, that is.

For the heck of it yesterday I grabbed a saw and went out to do some tree-branch pruning that has needed doing for a couple of years.

Last fall another pine tree fell across the pondside path (but not into the water like the previous one). This one was originally high enough up the slope that it can still be walked -- and possibly mowed -- under, but there were branches that needed to be removed to provide a clearer path, so I sawed those off. Two other, longer branches that happened to come down on either side of the path seem to be supporting the tree's weight for now, so I left those alone lest the trunk come the rest of the way down and need to be removed outright.

Then some other low-hanging branches that have threatened to obstruct mowing got their comeoffance, including several next to the driveway where it passes from the inner front yard to the field that separates it from the public road.

I didn't get all that I wanted -- one entire tree that I'd like to take down wasn't within reach of the pondside path; the bothersome branches of another are too high up to use this saw on; and a low-growing sweetgum near the new shed slipped my mind altogether. That last, at least, is low enough to be mowed over. It's just not delicate enough to be mowed off.

I'd like to have the tree service back this spring or summer to take the vines off certain trees that are hosting poison ivy. I'd also like to have the brush cleared out around the light pole where the electric meter is. And maybe they can take down the trees and branches at pondside that I didn't get yesterday.

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