Monday, February 22, 2016

Fed Up

No, Twitter's censor squad didn't suspend me, I deactivated it.

Between Twitter censorship and the mounting desperation surrounding the presidential campaign, I've had it. If you want to see and respond to my thoughts, you'll have to come here.

Update: Had to reactivate to download my stuff, and I've got pics over there that other people like. I guess I'll leave the account open but just stop using it. I'm on FreezePeach now.

'Nother update: Got screenshots of such of my tweets I had embedded here, so now I've re-deactivated my Twitter account.


  1. I do still sometimes look in on Twitter, via the timelines of a couple of tweeps whose sites I still read.

    I miss Twitter less and less every time I look.

  2. Well, FreezePeach is a nice, quiet corner to retreat to, but I've set up a new Twitter account for when I get bored on GNU Social. And from which I can retreat to FreezePeach again when Twitter goes nuts again.

    Which will probably be in about fifteen minutes or so.