Thursday, February 25, 2016

Comparing Trump to Hitler Is Stupid

Instapundit links a German listicle detailing a few of the reasons why comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler is stupid.

I agree with the premise, but I didn't bother reading the listicle because I'm pretty sure my reasons are better -- even if only because Germany isn't the most disinterested country on that whole Hitler thing...

My reasons? To start with, Hitler wasn't a vulgar anti-intellectual -- at least not in terms of style. Maybe it was his art school years or his association with decadent German intellectuals after World War I, but Hitler sought to organize his genocidal ideology on a logical framework. Plus, he subscribed to a genocidal ideology.

Trump is nothing like that. He is vulgar, scatterbrained and unintellectual. He has no coherent ideology, much less a genocidal one. Even comparing him to Mussolini, which I have done on occasion, is off the mark because even a vulgar thug like Mussolini was a more organized thinker than Trump is.

I managed to watch about ten minutes of Idiocracy, so I didn't see this "President Camacho" character some have compared Trump to. I suppose if Camacho had managed to turn a multimillion-dollar inheritance into a much smaller fortune, while claiming to be a multibillionaire, that comparison is more apt.

Months ago I conisidered Trump smart. I've gotten to know him better since then. He may actually be dumber than most of his supporters, which is a hell of an ouch.

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  1. I'm even starting to wonder, now, whether Trump suffers from the beginnings of debilitating dementia.

    Won't that be fun to deal with if he's the President? Maybe we need to add a maximum age for eligibility -- one that, admittedly, would have excluded Reagan as well.

    But let's face it: none of the elderly candidates we've seen since Reagan left office -- Dole, McCain, Trump, Sanders, or Hillary -- has been "a" Reagan except possibly in his (or her) own deluded mind.