Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Sound of Sirens

In light of the aforementioned alleged chance of wintry precipitation in this weekend’s forecast, a song lyric I wrote six years ago in honor of a similar forecast. Apologies to Simon and Garfunkel and music lovers everywhere.
Hello winter, my old friend
I see you’ve come around again
Tomorrow there will be some rain dripping
And that night so many cars slipping
On these roads, narrow, winding and all too dark
A skating park
And the sound
Of sirens

Will echo through the chilly night
And we will see the flashing lights
Near the fenders that are all wrinkled
Yet so pretty with the snow sprinkled
While the victims stand exchanging insurance cards
In nearby yards
To the sound
Of sirens

If I were you I’d hesitate
To get onto the interstate
Because you know it won’t be heavenly
Going sideways doing seventy
Knowing it will end with a hollow, crashing thud
And spurting blood
And then the sound
Of sirens.


  1. Had one too many input errors using my preferred third-party keyboard on my tablet, so now I've replaced it with SwiftKey. Its space bar is harder to fat-finger, which should help.

  2. It did in fact snow here. It even accumulated on some elevated surfaces.

    Once it gets light enough I'll be able to tell if that includes the roof of our shed.

  3. Austin Texas has had one night where it briefly froze to 32 degrees Fahrenheit sort of. We have had no winter. Too much of our yard is still alive. I fear our city council may try to fix this problem like they did the problem of free grocery bags when we go shopping.