Thursday, January 7, 2016

Start the clock

Barring the unexpected, the McGehee real estate empire, which slightly more than doubled four months ago, will be reduced in a few weeks to nearly the size we prefer: we've accepted an offer on the house Mrs. McG's late mother still owned when she passed away.

That'll leave us with the home acres here, and one week's timeshare on a place in Pigeon Forge that we have yet to lay eyes on -- for a grand total of ~1.02 pieces of real estate. We've tentatively decided to at least look the place over, maybe get our 2016 membership fee's worth out of it, before deciding what to do. In this economy timeshares are hard to unload.

My father-in-law lives 45 minutes to an hour from Pigeon Forge, which means the one advantage the place might offer -- one week a year -- is a place to stay we would already be paying for whether we stayed there or not, for visiting. Of course, the place we usually stay when visiting has free breakfast, and is only ten minutes from Vaughn's house.

On the other hand, there is a program we could take part in that would let us use our timeshare week at properties elsewhere. Like, say, Jackson Hole.

But first we need to close on selling the Chattanooga house. And at long last the clock is ticking.

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  1. Closing is tentatively set for just this side of mid-February. Due to probate the sale proceeds will be held in escrow for a few weeks beyond that.