Monday, January 25, 2016

All-Purpose 2016 Twitter Campaign Slogan, Applicable Regardless of Candidate

All the other candidates but mine are big poopy-heads, and so are all their supporters!

Following up, hence the altered date.

For all the talk this election cycle about a Republican Establishment, it's become apparent there is also a Conservative Establishment that is no less panicked about Donald Trump than the other one.

National Review's recent "Against Trump" issue, while correct in principle, was ill-timed and ill-toned -- and will likely turn out to have undermined efforts to elect an actual conservative to the presidency in a year when we were better positioned to do so than at anytime since 1980.

The entire political system is losing its shit, including the sector that has spent the last several years pleading with voters and elected officials to stop losing theirs.

If Trump ends up winning it will be because of one simple truth about politics: Desperation does not inspire confidence.

If they wanted to stop Trump what they needed to do was cause him to appear desperate.

There are still no committed delegates for the Republican nomination. Political consultants may think they know how things will go, but they're prone to viewing the situation through their own navels (guess from which direction?). A saying about how foolish are those who allow themselves to be led by fools, goes here.

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