Wednesday, December 16, 2015

"Fear not."

A few years ago a blogger -- I can't recall which, might have been Darleen Click at PW, or Charles Hill at Dustbury -- posted a clip from "A Charlie Brown Christmas" in which Linus makes his speech on what Christmas is all about.

Did you see it? I hadn't, despite having watched the scene dozens of times since its debut 50 years ago.

The fact Charles Schulz insisted on including a Bible reading in his Christmas special tells us something he never really wore on his sleeve during his years drawing the Peanuts comic strip: he took Christmas and Christianity seriously.

Mrs. McG and I missed the re-airing of this special on ABC at the end of November, but we've bought the DVD and will maintain our Christmastime tradition of watching it to mitigate the Santa Claus fixation of nearly every other mainstream Christmas special out there.

I also make a point of catching "The Little Drummer Boy" every year, another, far less popular Christmas special from 1968. And of course we also watch at least one version of "A Christmas Carol" each year though the animated version featuring Alistair Sim is a childhood favorite, as is the Mr. Magoo special.

Last week we watched "Mickey's Christmas Carol." I liked it the first time I saw it, less so now. I have the Sim cartoon saved on Youtube though, so we can wash the Disney aftertaste out of our mouths.

Next year, when you watch the Peanuts special, pay close attention to this scene -- what Linus does, and when.

And fear not.




  1. Wasn't me, but I remember the scene very well. (Did it get snipped from some recent airings?)

  2. The part I never noticed was his throwing down his security blanket. Coming so soon after Lucy made a big deal about taking it away from him, only emphasizes the meaning for those who do notice it.

    And I need to make Blogger resume notifying me of comments. This not seeing new ones for more than a week is not acceptable.

    1. Huh. The reason I wasn't getting notices was, they were going to a defunct address. Fixed now.