Sunday, November 15, 2015

Frost-Free, So Far

The temperature this morning at McGehee's Freehold bottomed out at (drum roll, please) 32.1°F.

Meanwhile, in Interior Alaska (where I lived for five years two decades ago and don't you forget it) they've already had subzero temperatures. I doubt this year will match 1994, when Fairbanks hit -45°F. on Thanksgiving Day, the earliest recorded such cold snap at the time. That was the day someone backed into the rear bumper on my 1993 Ford Escort wagon and it ... shattered.

In the 16 years I've lived here in subtropical west Georgia, we have more or less regularly had winter temperatures in the teens, and at least once I seem to recall even single digits. For, like, a minute.

Our neighborhood landscape still isn't quite in full winter mode yet, there are still some leaves on some of the trees that I can see out my window. But I think today I will change my various background images to a winter scene. Including here.

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