Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Papers, Please

Four vehicle registration renewals are about to come due in the very near future -- which sucks, because only three of them are actual vehicles, the fourth is a trailer.

Fortunately, only one requires an emissions test, and I got that out of the way today. Last year only one required a test, but that one was sold earlier this year and replaced with one that won't need a test for two more years. Meanwhile one of the more recent additions to the fleet advanced into the testable class -- aged between three and 25.

You can see, maybe, why we're looking to reduce our fleet before this time next year; the one we want to sell off becomes testable in 2016.

If Hillary gets elected next fall, they'll probably make us get the trailer tested every year.

Update, Thursday: Another reason I want to divest of the 2013 is, its remote is prone to pocket-popping (sort of like butt-dialing, only not). I'm sick and tired of looking out the window and seeing a door flung open because of poor MOPAR remote design. Supposedly it takes two presses to open these doors, but apparently that's only if you're using your fingers.


  1. The stock Nissan fob makes it a bit too easy to go into Alarm mode, but I've managed to trigger it only twice so far.

  2. At least none of the doors on either of our other veeks open automatically. If the remote were properly designed I'd think the automatic doors are a wonderful convenience -- in fact there have been occasions I wish I had them on my car. But this pocket-popping has persuaded me to love me some manual-only doors.