Saturday, October 3, 2015

I Hate Comcast

...and I have never been a Comcast customer.

My late mother-in-law had Comcast for years in Chattanooga before moving in with Mrs. McG and me. Comcast kept her old email address open and forwarding to her new Gmail address.

Now though, we want to either stop the forwarding, or close the email account. Neither is possible.

Literally. There are no forwarding controls on Comcast's webmail interface -- the link purportedly pointing to forwarding controls doesn't go to forwarding controls. And if you try calling customer service...?

The first tech couldn't even hear me and hung up. The second tech expected digits on the account number that weren't there, and when I told her they weren't there she hung up on me in mid-syllable.

The third tech agreed to transfer me immediately to a supervisor, who never picked up.

If I ever find myself living in a place where the only option for conventional cable TV service is Comcast, I'll do without. But it's not the only tech support operation that's failed me utterly in the last week or so, after having previously had fair-to-good experiences for some years.

Thanks, H-1B program, and thanks, U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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  1. Anyway, I found a way to prevent forwarding even without access to the control: a filter. It's set to discard any message on which the TO: field contains the Comcast email address -- and also any message on which the TO: field does not contain the Comcast email address.

    Wish I'd thought of it before.