Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Winding Down or Augering In?

It looks like the shed will be ready in time for the last remaining items from mother-in-law's former home in Chattanooga to go directly into it rather than by way of the rented storage space.

The items in question are almost exclusively things that will be useful in organizing stuff that's already in rented storage, which is even more fortuitous. We'll be hauling shelving from Chattanooga, and once it's put up in the shed, we'll have places to put the stuff we've been paying to store all these months.

The real benefit will be getting stuff into the shed that's been cluttering up space in the house proper, but that will be a secondary project; triaging what's been in rented storage will come first, to make room for the rest.

I don't think I could qualify as an obsessive declutterer, but it's not for lack of ambition.

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