Wednesday, September 16, 2015

More Than Four Hours, Updated

We have a shed.

It's missing a rollup door.

We were out of town during construction -- filling two vehicles with items intended to go into the shed. I imagine the crew will be back tomorrow to finish up.

Today's loads are mostly shelving and bins, so we should be safe putting them in the shed even before the missing door is installed.

Reupdated, Thursday: Tomorrow afternoon. Oh well. If they don't mind delaying final payment...

Rereupdated, Friday afternoon: Finished!


  1. Now I need to (1) unload the van, and (2) move stuff out of our second storage unit before (3) we go to Chattanooga for another (hopefully last but maybe not) load of stuff from mother-in-law's house so we can (4) not have to pay rent on the second storage unit anymore -- otherwise next month's rent may come due before I can get to emptying that unit.

    The field in which the shed stands is also in desperate need of another mowing, but the priority on that isn't as high as it might be right this minute.

    One immediate benefit to having the shed finished is, finally all three of our vehicles can be parked under a roof at the same time.

    1. Of course, we're anticipating selling off the van once all the hauling is finished -- as in, no more rented storage space at all.

      That will take a while, though.

  2. Got 1 & 2 done, though now I have to unload the van again before we can go up to Nooga again.

  3. And yesterday I emptied out the smaller of our two rented storage units, cutting our rental costs by 1/3 until the larger one -- which is almost brim-full -- is likewise emptied.

    That'll take a bit longer...