Saturday, September 26, 2015

Just call me J. Paul Gotta

  • Gotta get one last load of stuff from the late mother-in-law's former house so it can finally go on the market.
  • Gotta get the county inspector to finally sign off on this damn shed.
  • Gotta get enough of a dry spell to mow the three cubic acres of grass this place produces each month.
  • Gotta get the probate process rolling, which has been delayed three weeks by the red tape surrounding the mother-in-law's death certificate.
  • Gotta get started moving belongings out of rented storage and into this damn shed.
  • Gotta find a tax professional to help tie up the tax side of mother-in-law's estate with a shiny red bow for the IRS.
  • Gotta get the van's recall issue and its tire-pressure light seen to, so that eventually -- once the rented storage unit is finally emptied out -- we can find it a new home.
  • Gotta get my car's recurrent Check Engine light-up seen to; though if it isn't lit when I have to take it for an emissions check later this fall I suppose it won't be urgent.
  • Gotta buy yet another new lawn mower battery so I won't still have to jump-start the damn thing when I need to use it next spring.

Not all of these are really on my to-do list, but they are at least things I can help with. Mrs. McG has more items on which I can't do more than offer moral support.

And all of this is leaving aside any kind of preparation for this year's holidays. At least we know where our Christmas stuff is, if we can figure out where we'll find the time to put any of it up.

Update, Friday: The checkmarks you see on certain items above indicate that they've been done.

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