Sunday, September 13, 2015


Some -- a very few -- of the trees are starting to turn hereabouts, and even though it's after ten in the morning Mrs. McG's weather station is reporting that the outside temperature is in the mid-50s.

In subtropical west Georgia, with the equinox still more than a week away.

Living here, fall is unchallenged as my favorite time of year -- if only because winter is so often disappointing, and when we do get winter weather around here I'm as trapped at home as anyone because if I were to venture out it wouldn't matter how well I can drive in the snow if the next guy coming the other way can't.

Where fall brings mixed feelings, it's because the subsequent winter will certainly be harsh -- but that also makes it a known quantity to almost everyone who lives there, and they'll at least know how to drive in it.

Life can only stop for snow in a place where it happens rarely.

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  1. Yesterday we took a drive to Mount Cheaha, Alabama's highest point, but were discouraged from entering the fee area because the fee was much higher than we remembered. So we drove down the other side of the mountain on Cheaha Road, a narrow, winding, often steep and did I mention narrow? road that crosses the Talladega National Forest and emerges near Munford, south of Anniston.

    While it was disappointing not to see the view from atop the mountain, that drive was fun, and we topped it off with lunch in Anniston. It was an unseasonally cool, dry day and while we didn't see much actual fall color the country we drove through would certainly be beautiful when at its peak -- probably sometime next month.