Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Retrograde Android

I just bought a new phone on contract; the phone came free with the contract and my monthly payment will be lower.

Downside? Instead of Android 5.1 as my "old" phone has, the new one has 5.0 and won't be getting 5.1 ever. The next flavor of Android, "M," will almost certainly be the next this phone gets.

So far, I'm not complaining.


  1. One thing this phone does that no other smartphone I've had could do, is take an actual SDCard, cranking its capacity to 160 gigs. That gives me more than enough room for all of my music onboard, which will prove useful on long drives when I can't rely on streaming.

  2. Over the last couple of months, the complaints set in, and mounted. Today I've gone back to my previous phone, though I'm keeping the new one in case Android 6 fixes the complaints.

  3. For now I'm back on the new phone; I'd forgotten how lousy the Nexus 5's battery life was, and Android 6's "Doze" mode hasn't improved things.

  4. Unfortunately the Bluetooth bug in the new phone is worse than the gradually improving battery life in the other, which I'm back to using. And I've just managed to get almost 1,200 tunes onto the Nexus 5 without using up half of its storage capacity. Stripping DRM information from .mp3 files seems to make a difference.