Tuesday, August 18, 2015

More Than Four Hours, Update

The forms for the slab are in place, awaiting a dryer long term forecast than we've got right now. And that's just as well, because the county inspector wants changes made that the contractor is pretty sure aren't necessary -- so they're going to have to work that out before any concrete is poured.

Just like my 2004 wrangle with the DMV, I'm learning that you practically need a lawyer for even the most routine interactions with bureaucratic authority -- something our present Ruling Class seems to think is just hunky-dory. Imagine the worst-ever Homeowner's Association board, but without the option of moving to a different neighborhood to get away from them.

And people wonder why the Toupee That Ate Manhattan is getting so much support. A Republican congressional majority and a Republican-appointed Supreme Court majority have proven worthless, so naturally the hoi polloi flock to the bombthrower.

The Boehner-McConnell-Roberts axis have only themselves to blame, at least until after the election.


  1. Well, allegedly, we might have our slab poured sometime this week, which should mean we'll have our shed built in time to empty out one of the storage units before its next rent is due.

    And once we're out of the other storage unit, it'll only be 5½ years before the shed has paid for itself.

  2. Inspection song-and-dance has concluded, and we're hoping for a slab pour on 9/2.

  3. Construction is now (said to be) about a week away.