Friday, August 21, 2015

Ends and Odds, 1

Mrs. McG knows me too well. She guessed my tagline for this blog just from hearing its name.

I'd like to know what idiot thinks plants that absorb less sunlight offset "global warming." If you look on Page 10 of the 2016 Old Farmer's Almanac, you'll see precisely that assertion, which makes no sense. When plants absorb sunlight, they're also absorbing carbon dioxide, which the climate-alarmist cult blames for "global warming." The Almanac piece exposes the "settled science" as just so much political folklore and fashion packaged for our new Idiocratic overlords (whom I do not welcome).

Speaking of 2016 and Idiocratic overlords, does the sniping over the presidential campaigns and debates remind anyone else of Sayre's Law? That can't be good.

In the 21st century you have to download software updates for your car. For this purpose I needed a USB flash drive, and couldn't find one around the house. So I went to CVS, where eight-gig sticks are in assorted bright colors in a candy jar on the checkout counter for <ahem> (inside joke alert) EIGHT BUCKS!

No, that does not mean a fundraiser is pending. Though now that I think of it I might put the ol' Paypal tipjar on here, just for the sake of decor. Feel free to use it as (speaking of inside jokes) a swear jar.

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