Thursday, July 30, 2015

Too Soon to Tell

I call it "The O'Keefe Method," after James O'Keefe's habit of releasing increasingly revealing videos about illegal activity by left-leaning organizations, giving them no time to regroup and build a workable counter-narrative.

That's what the Center for Medical Progress is doing to Planned Parenthood, and it sure looks like the death mill I think of as Murder, Inc. Genocide, Inc. may be on the ropes. We'll have to see. PP does seem to be losing sponsors, including possibly the federal taxpayer. Which would be about damned time.

I'd like to see somebody do this to the SPLC. And the climate-alarmist bunch.


  1. "Murder, Inc."? No, that's not quite right. Given founder Margaret Sanger's outlook on race, and the organization's lopsided distribution in minority-dominated urban centers, that should be Genocide, Inc.

  2. In the year and a half since posting the above comment, I've come around to just calling it "Planned Genocide."