Monday, June 29, 2015

This will definitely last longer than four hours

It's been in the works a while, but today I think is when we'll call it begun: we're adding a building to the home property.

It's to be slightly larger than a two-car garage, with a carport in addition. Those who remember my comments about the garage space at our previous home may be confident they understand why we're doing this. If I had more land it might be a bigger building...

Today the permit application is being generated, and we'll soon schedule some tree removals necessary to clear the building site.

After permits and clearing will come grading, pouring the slab, and construction. Ideally we'll be ready to start using it by Labor Day, given how busy the company is that's doing the work.


  1. Permit agency inspected the site and signed off. Trees that needed removal or trimming have been. Now we await grading -- sometime in the next month or so. And the target completion date is more like the end of September.

  2. Allegedly we might see the next step in this project next week. The sooner we can stop paying rent on storage units the better I'll like it.

  3. Grading has been underway today, a guy in a mini front-end loader arrived this morning and is on -- I believe -- the third load of dirt. His job seems to involve equal parts grading and waiting because the truck takes longer to bring the next load than he does spreading it and compacting it.

    Don't know how long we'll be waiting for the slab pour, but it's good to see work being done.

  4. Slab forms set yesterday, pouring sometime next week. Once that's done and the concrete has cured fully, actual construction can finally take place.